Monday, January 2, 2012

Ice Fishing w/ The Volcano

Ice Fishing is a great winter past-time for outdoor enthusiast. However, it is often cold and sometimes just plain uncomfortable. So, the Volcano is the perfect solution. Over the Holidays I took my 2 boys ice fishing in the high mountains of Utah. It was a gorgeous day, but at 10,000 ft. it was still cold. So, to help keep my young boys from getting too cold, I brought along the Volcano for a quick, easy and safe heat source. It performed perfectly and made a big difference for my kids.

Notice that it did not burn a hole in the ice, as my 7-year old was nervous it might do!

After they were warmed up and lunch time rolled around, it was time to rough it! So, I had brought a little frozen pizza that I could easily bake in the Volcano. In about 1-minute I had the wood fire dumped out and briquettes started. 15 minutes later, the briquettes were ready to I simply put my little pizza on the top grill, covered it with the lid and proceeded to land another fish.

I used 12 briquettes with the air vents open about 80%. In about 12 minutes it was done to perfection! It was literally baked just as it would have been at home in my oven. The Volcano performed perfectly.

What a great way to cook in the outdoors. Having a lid and being able to bake just about anything has really been a great improvement on an already incredible outdoor cooking system! Next time, I may just bring a pan of brownies as well. Once again, just notice that there is still no noticeable change in the ice under the Volcano. Amazing!

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