Monday, August 2, 2010

We cooked this delicious Apple Cobbler for a work party and it was loved by all. Try it yourself!

First, we lined the Dutch Oven with aluminum foil. We recommend doing this, especially with messy recipes like Cobbler to make it easier to clean up after. Then, we poured in our apple pie filling. We used apple but any kind of fruit filler will work (peach, cherry, blueberry, etc.) .

Next, we sprinkled a package of white cake mix on top of the filling, being sure not to mix the two. This is another thing that you can switch up according to your taste. Another example might be cherry filling with chocolate cake mix.

Then, we poured lemon-lime soda on top of the filling. A lot of recipes call for a can; we poured in about half of a 20 oz. bottle.

After adding the soda, we took a fork and mixed the soda into the cake mix, taking care not to mix it with our filling. If you get a little into the filling that's fine.

When we'd finished mixing, we sprinkled some powdered sugar on top of the mix for some added sweetness (you could also try cinnamon). Then, we put the lid on our Dutch Oven and dropped it into our Volcano Grill. Normally, you would cook with 8-12 briquettes for about 45 minutes to cook your Cobbler but we wanted to try it with low heat propane.

We used a Volcano Lid, which is an excellent tool to more efficiently trap the heat from briquettes and propane.

40-45 minutes later and our cobbler is looking delicious. We let it sit for a couple of minutes and then it was time to eat. A great fast and easy recipe that tastes great! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


  1. Thanks for that description. I just received my Volcano II with the propane attachment and lid. Next week I'm headed out for a camp trip where we can't have charcoal or wood fires so I'm trying to figure out the propane mode quickly!

    More description of gas settings, plate vs. no- plate, etc. would be helpful.

  2. Also...

    I've had that basic recipe several times, but last week a friend made -his- version which was definitely the best yet. He used a 12" Lodge Deep oven, well buttered. It started with a box of yellow cake mix and vanilla pudding mix in the bottom of the DO. Next came fresh peaches and blueberries- probably a pound of blueberries and a dozen peaches? Finally another layer of yellow cake mix and vanilla pudding mix, with sprite poured over the top. No stirring, the cake mix on top soaked up the sprite fine and the cake mix on the bottom seemed to soak up plenty of juice from the fruit.

    Amazingly good. The cake on the bottom kept the fruit from sticking too!