Monday, August 9, 2010

Why I love the Volcano Grill

From an anonymous college student,

College life can be quite a transition. Soon after moving out, I began to realize that even with all the good aspects of being a student there were also going to be some things that would be tough to get used to.

Number one, of course, is my financial state. If I could use one word to describe myself in college it may very well be “broke,” a term that experts often use to describe the state of having zero money. I have a pretty good job and everything, but as the amount of bills I have to pay stacks up, paydays have become more and more somber. I guess that the best way I can describe it is by comparing it to one’s birthday. When you were young your birthday was the happiest day of the year, a day filled with large amounts of sugar in the form of drastically over frosted cakes, friends, and presents, all a kid could ever want. But then, as you get older (and I’m assuming this since I’m really not that old yet) birthdays become dark and gloomy, a day when you realize how old you are and become incredibly depressed. But instead of once a year I get that every other week. Yikes.

Having no money is a gateway that eventually leads to other problems, like having no food. Okay, obviously if I had no food I would die but there are definitely worse things than death, like eating nothing but Ramen for an entire week (been there) or being forced to raid the fridge while your roommates are out and take just little amounts of things so they don’t notice and then mix those items into a sort of casserole that is hardly appetizing and rarely tastes very good. If there is one thing I’ve learned from my days in college it’s that combining condiments to make unique sauces is a dangerous and sometimes harmful road. But I will admit my lack of funds isn’t even the primary cause of this tomfoolery, I would mainly attribute it to my lack of cooking abilities.

But these two difficulties of college are also two of the reasons why the Volcano Grill is so great. First of all, it’s cheap! For a while, they were selling those things at Costco for a hundred bucks! For $100 I only have to sell my plasma like three times. And even on their website they go for about $150 which is still not bad seeing that you get everything you need for propane cooking too. It also solves problem number two, because what human being can’t cook a steak? I mean honestly, you just throw a large piece of meat over a fire until the inside isn’t pink anymore. And it’s delicious. I’ve also been enjoying stir fry which consists of a bag of Wal-Mart’s stir-fry vegetables and stir-fry sauce and some chopped up chicken ($8 total). My days of Ramen are finally over. Not to mention that it solves problem number three, that I live in a space that is smaller than many people’s closets. The Volcano Grill collapses down and fits semi-easily under my bed. The moral of the story is that the Volcano Grill is a fantastic product that I would recommend to all of you, whether you’re a college student or not. And as for my college friends, I’ll be seeing you all at the plasma donation center!

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