Monday, November 15, 2010

New stuff!!

For those of you who follow this blog - Today may well be your lucky day. I am in the process of sorting through all of our returns. These will be in a variety of conditions. All functional.. and working. The "A" stoves (I had six but sold them all) Will be mostly new, perhaps used once.. complete in every respect except for the Users manual (maybe) which you can download from the web) They may be slightly dirty. They are USED but they work. NO warranty -other than that they will work - included. The "B" stoves will be functional (I have 10 left) Will be dirty, (The grills especially) The burners may be discolored but fully functional. So, if you dont mind something of a dirty mess and can clean the stove and DRY it so that it does not rust.. These will be a good deal. The "C" grade stoves will be complete, some rust (Could be anywhere, but the bottom pan especially. They will be fully functional. I would suggest some naval jelly and then some hi-temp BBQ paint) They are messy. These, for the do it yourself person who does not mind applying a little elbow grease, will be a great deal. Give me a call at 888 320 2005.
If you are dead set on an "A" stove... I may have some more next weekend.. I got about 1/2 way through the project on Saturday (Look how hard I work for you!!) and decided to watch football. I will finish the project next week, I may have some more "A" stoves. I am not going to put this on the web.. I will put it on Facebook, however.
I will be posting more often. My goal is to do two things.
1- Each week post a new recipe that we took for a test drive. This past week we cook bread on the mid-grill in just a bread pan with the lid. No Dutch Oven required :) Ill post pics and etc pretty soon
2-Review some Volcano related product. For example, this week, I saw a hand crank lantern at Kohls (of all places) for $20.00. I think I will get one and test drive it to see if it is worth 20 bucks. If not, you might see the "cook it on a Volcano, it will cook anything slogan" applied.

I will keep you posted. 
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