Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Ribs with the Volcano AND the Volcano Lid

For a long time, we have wondered what was the best way to do ribs on the Volcano. Ribs, IMHO should not be boiled, dry out too much if you grill them and aren't that tasty raw. 

Based on a recipe that I found here
(It really is a rib recipe, I promise.. and it is DELICIOUS!) 

With ribs the key is LOW and SLOW.. 225 is about the perfect temp.. We used 8 briquettes, the Volcano Collapsible and the Volcano Lid.

Because good ribs require some water while cooking.. Brandon had our welding shop make a custom box for the volcano.

Notice the arrangement of the coals.. and the hickory chips.

The ring you see around the bottom of the Lid shows how effective it is.. I have no idea if it is washable..

One of the hardest things to do is to get the correct temperature. The solution was pretty easy.. A common food thermometer.. for less than $2.00 at Walmart .. let us know the right temp., Temp was easily controlled with the vent system.. (This was the start of the cook)

After letting them cook for about 4 hours (Swapping in new coals just once.. and that towards the end) The ribs were looking pretty good.

Then we SLATHERED (on both sides) our favorite BBQ Sauce.... (read the cheapest stuff we could find at Maceys) and let it cook for about another hour or so.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the ribs when they were cut.. (it was an afterthought, sorry) but the smoke ring was well developed, they were tender but not mushy..

The only sad part is that there were not enough to feed all of the  people who work here..

If you don't have  a Volcano Lid.. they are on sale this month with a 15% additional discount.... (

We want to figure out a top for the Ashbash... (So we can feed the masses) I'll keep you posted on developments.

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