Thursday, December 30, 2010

I was thinking..

About Preparedness today.. As I drove from Salt Lake City to Springville, I could see that there were many drivers who were not prepared. Either they didnt know how do drive in the snow, or their cars were not equipped to help them survive the TERRIBLE road conditions. I wonder, when TEOTAWKI happens, how many, especially if it happens in the dead of winter, will be unprepared? I know that A LOT of people have food storage. Few have fuel storage and even fewer yet have a way to cook/keep warm when disaster strikes.
To that end, watch our website in the next few days.. We will be putting up a "works" Volcano Package. I will be putting a coupon code on the BLOG that will give you an additon % off. JUST for being a blog follower.
Might do it for some of the accessories, also.. Maybe The Lid, for example. I am open to suggetions.

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