Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Volcano Secret - Revealed ONLY on the blog

Volcano Secret - I am here, most nights, until 8pm. So, if you need to order something (I can't tell you shipping, I dont have access to that system after hours) Or tech support.. Or have some decent clean jokes.. Give me a call. 888.320.2005 of 801.420.2005 If you need help on Saturday, most of the time I have my cell phone with me.. Email me.. Ill try to get back to you ASAP. Sunday emails will be answered on Monday.
Last and certainly NOT least.. I have some good quality Non Propane stoves.. great condition. (not fabulous, if they were fabulous, youd have to pay new!) Some of them good enough for gifts.. Call me and tell me you saw it on the blog.. Ill give them away for $50.00 each. If you pick them up it is CASH ONLY! So, if you are a briquette fan (as I am) these are a great way to take advantage of the Power of the Volcano for CHEEEEP!

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