Monday, December 6, 2010

The LAST of the Scratch and dent/returns.

I have a few A/B Volcanos WITHOUT Propane left. These are my choice (First come gets the better ones) and will go for $70/60 dollars each. HOWEVER if you are a follower of our blog.. Ill give you another $5.00 AND Ill sell you the Lid for $20.00.
If you pick up at our location its CASH only - If you are out of Utah.. shipping will be additional, of course.

Also Note - Until Christmas, I will be accepting NEW smaller dealers. Ill give you choice of ANY 5 Volcanos, 5 Lids and 5 cookbooks as your starter package AND -after your initial purchase - we will drop ship for $8.00 additional per unit.

So, get it while it's hot.. because on Thursday Dec 23 - the gates slam shut.

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